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Formation et Cours en programmation C

Cours en programmation C en Français, Anglais et Néerlandais

Programme de cours Formation C

First steps

  • How C became
  • Getting to know the GNU C compiler
  • The basic anatomy of a C program

Data types, operators and expressions (the basics)

  • Base data types and their sizes
  • Constants and declarations
  • Variable names
  • Arithemetic operators
  • Relational and logical operators
  • Increment and decrement operators
  • Increment and decrement operators
  • Assignment operators
  • Expressions
  • Operator precedence
  • Casting and type conversion

Program flow control

  • if - else
  • switch
  • while , do-while and for-loops
  • Statements and blocks


  • Functions and function prototypes
  • Returning values from functions
  • External variables and scope rules
  • Static variables
  • call by value and recursion

Pointers and arrays

  • Pointers and addresses
  • Pointers as arguments to functions
  • Arrays
  • The relationship of pointers and arrays
  • Pointer arithmetic
  • How C deals with multi-dimensional arrays
  • Arrays of pointers - their uses and initialisation
  • Strings and string functions


  • Fundamentals of structures
  • Passing structures as arguments to functions
  • Returning structures as return values from functions
  • Arrays of structures
  • Pointers to structures
  • Using pointers to structures to pass values to a function and return values from a function
  • Typedef and its uses in developing well structured and maintainable code

An introduction to data structures and algorithms

  • Sorting arrays of records
  • Allocating and freeing memory (malloc and free)
  • Linked lists and queues
  • Indexing (table lookup, binary trees, hashing)


  • Standard input and standard output
  • Formatted output - printf
  • Formatted input - scanf
  • The dangers of scanf
  • File access and file I/O
  • An overview of input-output in a windowing environment

Further topics

  • The MACRO pre-processor and how to use it wisely
  • Unions
  • Bit fields
  • Date and Time functions in the C Standard Library
  • Diagnostics- the assert macro

Makefiles, Libraries, RCS and CVS

  • Simple make files
  • MACROS in make files
  • Use of dummy targets
  • Recursive makefiles
  • Building and using libraries
  • The importance of version control
  • RCS and CVS


C Programming: course description

Description: The goal of this course is to provide developers the most important concepts of the C programming language

Duration: 3 days

Prerequisites : preferably 3 months programming experience


  • program-structure
  • flow of control
  • I/O
  • declarations of variables (scope)
  • initialization


  • constants
  • types (int, short, void, pointer-types, …), type-casting
  • unary operators (pre- post- operators, pointer operators, …)
  • binary operators (logical-, bitwise-, arithmetic-operators, …)
  • ternary operators


  • if…then , switch, do…while, for, break, return, …
  • functions (stack mechanism
  • parameters: by value, by reference, const
  • best practices
  • recursion

Arrays strings and pointers

  • arrays
  • strings
  • pointers
  • pointer arithmetic
  • best practices

Preprocessor, command-line

  • compilation process (1st part)
  • preprocessor-functions
  • parameters of main: command-line arguments

Structures and lists

  • structures, unions, enumerators, constants
  • structures and pointers
  • the heap and dynamic memory allocation ( malloc(), free() )
  • linked lists

Storage classes

  • scope and lifetime
  • declarations: automatic, static, extern, register
  • global vs local variables: best practices
  • linking
  • process memory map


  • compilation process (2nd part)
  • standard libraries (stdio, string, stdlib, time, …)


  • typedef
  • priority of operators
  • multi-dimensional arrays
  • common mistakes
  • unaffordable constructions



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