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Cours en CentOS

Cours en CentOS Linux

Formation Linux CentOS

1. Graphical Installation of Linux in Virtualbox using CentOS
        - Virtualbox or vmware already installed on student computers

2. Quick overview of knowledge that students already have
        - man pages
        - working with directories, files, file contents
        - understanding the Linux file tree

3. Introduction to key commandline concepts like:
        - control operators
        - pipes
        - filters
        - redirection

4. Securing Local Files
        - simple file security with chown, chmod and umask
        - special bits; setuid, setgid, sticky
        - working wth acl's (optional)
        - working with attributes (optional)

5. Administering Users and Groups
        - managing users
        - managing passwords
        - managing home directories
        - managing groups

6. Basic security skills
        - managing ssh server and client
        - managing public and private keys
        - troubleshooting ssh
        - introducting security enhanced Linux (optional)

7. Managing physical storage
        - detecting hard disks
        - partitioning disks
        - managing file systems
        - mounting file systems
        - working with uuids
        - introduction to raid and lvm (optional)

8. Installing and configuring components and services
        - managing packages
        - managing services
        - managing grub and booting
        - managing processes
        - process priorities
        - signals

9. Establishing Network Services
        - tcp/ip fundamentals
        - host configuration and testing (ifconfig, hostname, ping,...)
        - binding and bonding (optional)
        - firewall introduction
        - advanced firewall configuration (optional)

10. File-sharing Services
        - overview of NFS and SMB
        - nfs server configuration
        - nfs client configuration
        - introduction to samba

11. Introduction to LAMP
        - introduction to apache
        - introduction to mysql
        - introduction to php
        - introduction to perl


  • The course aims to have students typing on their keyboard the whole time! Anything the teacher explains or shows, should be performed on the student computers simultaneously. The teacher is NOT using presentation slides, instead the big screen will almost always have a command prompt.
  • Should the students need more than what is presented in this contents, then the teacher has about 85 extra topics available for a total of 25 days of Linux System Administation training.
  • Three days allows for only the tip of the iceberg. Students will need to spend a lot more time to gain real Linux skills. the necessary material for this will be provided.


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