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Formation et Cours en mySQL

Cours en informatique mySQL

MySQL Training

Relational Database Basics

  • Brief History of SQL
  • Relational Databases
  • Popular Databases
  • SQL Statements

Simple SELECTs with MySQL

  • Introduction to the Northwind Database
  • Some Basics
  • SELECTing All Columns in All Rows
  • Exploring the Tables
  • SELECTing Specific Columns
  • Sorting Records
  • The WHERE Clause and Operator Symbols
  • The WHERE Clause and Operator Words
  • Checking Multiple Conditions
  • Writing SELECTs with Multiple Conditions

Advanced SELECTs with MySQL

  • Calculated Fields
  • Aggregate Functions and Grouping
  • Built-in Data Manipulation Functions

Subqueries, Joins, and Unions with MySQL

  • Subqueries
  • Joins
  • Outer Joins
  • Unions

Inserting, Updating and Deleting Records with MySQL


Creating and Modifying Tables with MySQL

  • Creating Tables
  • Datatypes
  • Altering Tables
  • Renaming Tables
  • Dropping Tables

Views and Stored Procedures

  • Creating Views with MySQL
  • Dropping Views
  • Creating Stored Procedures
  • Benefits of Stored Procedures



Toutes les formations techniques:

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Plus de cours en informatique à Bruxelles

Formation en informatique Bruxelles



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