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Formation et Cours en Joomla

Cours en Joomla

Formation Joomla

1/ Joomla Overview
2/ Basic Configuration
3/ Joomla User Permissions
4/ Sections and Categories
5/ Adding Website Content Using Articles
6/ Article Parameters
7/ Adding Media (pictures, videos etc.)
8/ Creating Menu Items
9/ Working with Modules
10/ Working with Templates
11/ Useful Tips and Tricks


Formation Joomla!

  • Introduction in Joomla

  • Installing WAMP

  • Installing Joomla

  • User privileges in Joomla

  • Front end and relationship with backend in Joomla

  • Joomla hierarchy

  • Installing styles in Joomla

  • Menu modules in Joomla

  • Changing content in Joomla

  • Other modules in Joomla

  • Plug-ins in Joomla

  • Backups in Joomla

  • Transfering to host server


Cours de Joomla

Global Configuration in Joomla

  • Site settingsc
  • Content in Joomla
    • Linked Titles in Joomla
    • Read More Link in Joomla
    • Item Rating/Voting in Joomla
    • Author Names in Joomla
    • Created Date and Time in Joomla
    • Modified Date and Time in Joomla
    • Hits in Joomla
    • Icons in Joomla
  • Server
  • Default Metadata in Joomla
  • Mail in Joomla
  • Caching in Joomla
  • Statistics in Joomla
  • wysiwyg editors in Joomla

Advanced Media manager in Joomla

  • Creating image directories/folders in Joomla
  • Uploading and deleting images in Joomla
  • Modifying images/resizing in Joomla

Module Positions and site layout in Joomla

Template Manager in Joomla

  • Installing templates in Joomla
  • Setting the default template in Joomla
  • Using multiple templates in Joomla

Trash manager - permanently deleting menu and content items in Joomla

User administration in Joomla

  • creating users in Joomla
  • editing users in Joomla
  • setting access levels in Joomla
  • blocking users in Joomla
  • deleting users in Joomla

Components in Joomla

  • Configuring and installing components in Joomla
  • Mass mail in Joomla
  • Web links in Joomla
  • Banner manager in Joomla
  • Guestbook in Joomla

Site Modules in Joomla

  • Installing Modules in Joomla
  • Module Order in Joomla
  • Custom Modules in Joomla
  • Component modules in Joomla
  • Access Level in Joomla
  • Parameters in Joomla

Menus in Joomla

  • Creating new menus in Joomla
  • Creating menu items in Joomla
  • Configuring menu items in Joomla
  • User only menus in Joomla

Site Content in Joomla

  • Creating, and editing content items/pages in Joomla
  • Static Content Pages in Joomla
  • Publishing and unpublishing content/pages in Joomla
  • Setting access levels for content/pages in Joomla
  • Inserting images into pages in Joomla
  • Content/page parameters in Joomla
  • Meta tag and meta keyword information in Joomla
  • Frontpage manager in Joomla
  • Newsflash items in Joomla

Configuring Joomla templates in Artisteer



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