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Computer training Flex

Computer training Flex in English, French or Dutch

Courses Flex 4 training

Day 1: Actionscript 3 Basic

  • operators, expressions
  • functions within actionscript, classes
  • The stage and working with symbols
  • Object Oriented programming in AS3
  • Event Handling

Day 2 + 3 : Flex 

  • Flash Builder interface + setup of projects
  • Flex Framework basis
  • Syntax of MXML
  • Flex Components overview
  • Use of Actionscript within MXML
  • MXML Classes
  • Libraries
  • Data binding
  • States
  • Skinning
  • CSS
  • Remote Data
  • Remoting

Day 4: AIR

  • Getting started, AIR basics
  • Windows
  • Accessing File local system
  • Offline online synchronisation
  • Packaging & deployment


Programma Flex Training

Introducing Adobe Flex
Understanding rich Internet applications 
Understanding Adobe Flex 
Understanding Adobe Flex Builder 
Understanding the foundation of the RIA: Flash Player/Flash Virtual Machine 
Understanding the Flex application process flow 
Accessing remote data resources from a Flex application 
Getting help and other resources 

Getting Started with Flex 
Understanding the relationship between Eclipse and Flex Builder 
Exploring the Flex Builder interface 
Creating a project and your first application 
Debugging a Flex application 
Accessing help in Adobe Flex Builder 

Learning Flex Fundamentals 
Creating a simple Flex application 
Displaying images 
Laying out a Flex application with containers 
Using the Panel container 
Using the ControlBar container 
Adding user interface controls 
Creating data bindings between components 
Architecting an application with MXML components 
Creating properties and methods for MXML components 

Handling Events 
Understanding events 
Creating event handlers using inline ActionScript 
Handling events within ActionScript functions 
Placing ActionScript functions in external files 
Understanding the Event object 
Using the addEventListener() method 

Laying out an Application Using Constraint-Based Layout 
Understanding absolute positioning 
Positioning components within a Canvas container 
Creating a constraint-based layout using Flex Builder 
Creating a constraint-based layout via MXML 
Using Enhanced Constraints 
Using constraint-based layouts within nested containers 

Using View States for Application Design 
Understanding view states 
Controlling view states 
Reviewing the generated MXML code 
Creating view states that include custom component states 

Creating Application Navigation 
Understanding navigator containers and controls 
Using the LinkBar control 
Using the TabBar control 
Using the ViewStack container 
Using the TabNavigator container 
Using the Accordion container 
Using ButtonBar & ToggleButtonBar 
Using the ApplicationControlBar container 
Customizing the Application 
Customizing Flex application look and feel 
Modifying Styles to change look-and-feel 
Using Themes 
Applying behaviors to components 
Applying transitions to view state changes 

Using ActionScript Data Models 
Using the MVC design pattern 
Creating an MXML data model 
Using ActionScript classes as a data model 
Creating an ActionScript constructor with parameters 
Defining class methods 

Exchanging Data Between Components Using Custom Events 

Understanding the problem with bindings 
Creating custom events 
Sending data with a custom event 
Creating Data Entry Forms 
Using the Form container 
Sharing Form Data 
Validating form data 
Triggering validation with events 
Triggering validation with ActionScript 
Retrieving XML Data with HTTPService 

Retrieving XML data at runtime 
Handling results 
Handling results using an event handler 
Handling faults 
Making HTTP requests to different domains 
Making HTTP requests with parameters 

Displaying Data Using the DataGrid 
Using the DataGrid control 
Specifying DataGrid columns 
Formatting DataGrid columns 
Using item renderers and item editors 
Inline item renderers and item editors 
Item renderer and item editor components 
Using the TileList and HorizontalList 
Using events and selected items with list-based components



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