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Training Course Fireworks

Computer training Adobe Fireworks in English, French or Dutch

Fireworks training

  • Painting and Drawing with fireworks
  • Optimising and exporting files
  • Masks in fireworks
  • Image Maps in fireworks
  • Batch Processing in fireworks
  • Dreamweaver and Fireworks
  • Exporting an Image in fireworks
  • Automation Techniques with fireworks
  • Using the Pixel Tools in fireworks
  • Editing a stroke in fireworks
  • Path Tools in fireworks
  • Animation in fireworks
  • Symbols and Instances in fireworks


Fireworks courses

  • editing bitmap objects,
  • using Fireworks tools to create and edit graphics,
  • working with layers, drawing, styling, and editing shapes and text,
  • creating image maps,
  • optimizing and exporting graphics,
  • slicing images,
  • Fireworks -Dreamweaver integration,
  • creating multistate navigation buttons,
  • disjointed rollovers,
  • and pop-up menus.


Fireworks training

Adobe Fireworks New Features

  • Robust prototypes
  • Import from other design applications
  • Hierarchical organizational structure
  • Customizable symbols
  • New blend modes and effects
  • New color palette
  • Dreamweaver & Flash integration
  • Adobe Bridge

Working with Bitmap Graphics

  • Creating new images
  • Using selection tools
  • Modifying bitmap images
  • Working with additional bitmap tools

Creating a Logo with Vectors and Layers

  • Using vector tools
  • Using strokes and fills
  • Selecting and grouping
  • Using layers
  • Using the Text tool
  • Using effects and styles
  • Combining simple paths

Creating Buttons

  • Creating buttons
  • Using graphics as buttons

Creating Image Maps and Rollovers

  • Adding interactivity
  • Slicing objects
  • Adding behaviors
  • Creating disjointed rollovers
  • Creating a pop-up menu

Optimizing and Exporting

  • Exporting from Fireworks
  • Optimizing graphics
  • Exporting graphics
  • Exporting as HTML


Fireworks training

Learning the Basics
Introduction to Fireworks
Digital image types
Fireworks editing modes
Internet image standards
Fireworks Interface
Menu bar
Tools panel
Property inspector
Document window
Gamma setting

Working with Bitmap Graphics
Creating New Images
Creating a document
Importing image files
Using Selection Tools
Using the Marquee tool (M)
Using the Lasso tool (L)
Using the Magic Wand tool (W)
Adjusting bitmap selections
Magnifying an image
Using the Filters menu
Using the Select menu.
Modifying Bitmap Images
Using the Eraser tool (E)
Using the Rubber Stamp tool (S)
Using the Blur tools (R)
Working with Additional Bitmap Tools
Using the Brush tool (B)
Using the Paint Bucket tool (G)
Using the Pencil tool (B).
Using the Eyedropper tool (I)

Working with Vectors and Layers
Adding Vector Objects.
Using the Line (N) and Knife (Y) tools
Drawing basic shapes
Using the Text tool (T)
Changing the Appearance of Shapes and Text
Selecting objects
Moving selections
Converting text to paths
Using Layers
About layers
Using the Layers panel.
Drawing Freeform Paths
Using the Pen tool (P)
Using the Vector Path tool (P)
Using Strokes and Fills.
About strokes
About fills
Using the Swatches and Color Mixer panels
Using Effects and Styles.
About effects
About styles.
Combining Simple Paths
Using Masks.
Using Transparency and Blending

Creating Hotspots and Slicing
Fireworks and the Web
Image Maps.
Creating hotspots
Assigning URLs to hotspots
Slice Tools
Creating slices

Extra : batch actions


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